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Teenagers and Acne Treatment

The Occurrence of Acne in Teenagers
How to cure acne

Development from children into adolescence usually followed by hormonal changes. One of the effects is the emergence of acne. In myth, teens and acne become like two things that can not be separated. Though acne becomes one of the problems in adolescence. Acne arises because of the hormonal effects and factors that make the secretion of sebum, the oil that comes out to the surface of the skin. When there is dirt in the skin, then the dirt will gel with sebum pose an obstacle to the hole or pore face. Dirt trapped by fat then causing an infection of the skin caused by bacteria. 

How to Treat Acne

That places a bulge which contain pus. This bulge is an infection and is referred to as acne. Acne can be avoided partly by reducing the production of excess oil on the face. Teenagers should begin diligently  cleaning the face. One of them wore anti-acne products. Traditionally, acne can also be addressed among others by clearing the next face smear with lemon juice evenly on the surface of the face. Lime in addition to reducing the burden of excess fat can also be antioxidant that act against infections.

The use of a mask of papaya leaves can also be done to clean the face from acne and to prevent acne. Then, intake of nutritious food in sufficient portion can help adolescents reduce the occurrence of acne on the face. An acne is a form of infection on the face so that the infection can be resisted either by increasing endurance.

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Acne is not Big Problem

Teen and acne have become an icon that embedded, can be ignored because not all teenagers have acne. Hereditary factors also can affect adolescence  on the face. If there is one history of acne in one family member, preferably teenagers need to be vigilant and prepare themselves to acne treatment. Acne can cause lack of confidence, also feel the pain that affect the concentration when they are learning. Under conditions of severe acne, must be treated with antibiotics by a dermatologist and further necessary precautions so that no longer acne will arise. Juvenile problems and acne are a common thing that need not to fret because it is easy to overcome.

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