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Speech and Language Disorder in Children

Speech and Language Impairments

Children with impaired speech and language disorders (delayed speech) are one of the abnormalities in the communication behavior characterized by errors in the children's speech sounds. Language development is strongly influenced by the conditions and circumstances  surrounding environmental conditions. Language development is closely related with speech development

Speech Disorders 

In terms of clinical, speech disorders in children associated with other causes. Some of these disorders are:

  • Disatria
Disatria is a kind of disorder that results from damage to the central nervous system that causes paralysis, stiffness, weakness or disorders in the coordination of the speech or communication organ. 
  • Dyslalia
Dyslalia is a speech disorder because of the lack of respond to the sound which is received. Therefore, the children who have this disorder can not build their language capabilities normally.
  • Dissidia
This disorder is caused by hearing impaired in children. They have difficulty to hear and so do to speech.
  • Diglossia 
Diglossia is a speech disorder due to abnormalities in the structure of organs and structure speech articulation organs, such as cleft palate, anomaly (deformity of the tongue).
  • Dyslogia 
Dyslogia is a speech disorder caused by low level of Intelligence. Children who have this disorder are hard to think normally because of the lack of IQ.

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Voice Disorders Speech and Language Disorders Type

  • Aphonia
The disorder is due to the paralysis of the vocal cords and so can not speak at all or the production of the sound that comes out is not clear. 
  • Abnormality of Sound Quality
This voice disorder occurs due to contact between vocal cords when adduction is not perfect, so the sound produced is not the same or different from the usual sound.

Rhythm Disorders

Speech rhythm disorder is a disorder which characterized by speech that is not smooth. This disorders include:
  • Palilalia
Palilalia is a disorder in which children can repeat words or phrases quickly.
  • Cluttering
This disorder happens when children speaking so quickly that frequent errors in the articulation and make it difficult to understand. Types of cluttering are distortion (unclear pronunciation), substitution (replacing speech into another sound), and omission (disappearance of sound).

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