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Learning About Carbohydrates

Simple Carbohydrate and Complex Carbohydrate

There are two main types of carbohydrates in the food that eat daily, that is complex and simple (non-complex) carbohydrates. We must be capable of recognizing any type of carbohydrate and what food that contains carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates also known as simple sugar. It can be found in refined sugars, such as white sugar which so familiar to us. Simple sugar can also be found in nutritious foods such as fruit and milk. Because sugar is not added to these foods and they also contain fiber and vitamin, and many nutrients such as calcium.

Complex carbohydrates used to called starch. Starch included in grain products such as rice, bread and pasta. Just like simple carbohydrate nutrient which contain simple sugar, some complex carbohydrates are better choices than the simple one. Refined grains have lost many important nutrients such as fiber and vitamin while they process into white flour or white rice. But grains which is not smoothed still contain vitamin and mineral in a rich amount so they can help your digestive system to be healthy and work normally. Fiber can help you feel full so you tend not to eat too much This clearly explains why a bowl of oatmeal is better than the candy with the same amount and calories. Complex carbohydrates gives you more energy for longer period of time. By knowing the type of carbohydrate, we can be more aware of the food that you eat every day so we do not need to consume vitamin supplements again.

The Importance of Carbohydrates

Knowing the type of carbohydrate is important for us. Through that way we can determine which foods are better consumed in order to produce energy for longer period of time. So, we do not feel hungry quickly but if we do not know the type of carbohydrate most likely it would be wrong to choose food that finally can interfere with your health. To obtain slim body you should pay attention to the nutrients that enter to our body, one of these nutrients are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the source of energy in our daily activities, however can cause obesity if we consume them too much.

Nevertheless in the diet should not eliminate this type of nutrients, because our body still need carbohydrate to produce energy, beside the other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B12 and minerals. The proper way is to choose good carbs to be consumed so that adequate nutrition and do not affect the obesity.

The Glycemix Index

Different types of carbohydrates are known among the people around the world. Each type has itw own measurement called glycemix index. This index shows the index rate of the absorbtion of carbohydrate by the body. The more quickly the body absorb the faster and the higher calories enter the body and while the body process the calories so slowly so that it resulted of the accumulation of fat. Due to the excess calories will be stored as fat reserves. So, how to distinguish between these two? The difference is fiber content, the more fiber the lower the index will be, the longer we digest it, the lower fiber contain in it.
The best glycemix index for diet people is less than 54, try to combine red rice and white rice to make balanced the glycemix index you received.  Make your eat habit healthy and avoid binge eating disorder by checking up to doctor. So, choose wisely the low glycemix index for better digest and better life.

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