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Vitamin Supplements : Good or Bad?

Do We Really Need To Consume Vitamin Supplements?

Every parent is expecting the child can grow up healthy and smart, but a lot of things that make parents worry about the development of their children, especially when the children don't often eat and look really thin when children get sick and look listless. While such parent may provide additional vitamins for their children because if they have difficulty in eating healthy food, additional vitamins needed for their bodies as it can complement the needed nutrients in the children's body. Should children consume vitamin supplement? the other condition when children need vitamin supplement is they don't have a regular diet, they are too active and not balanced with a regular diet. Children who too frequently eat fast food and soft drinks make their parents become worried then decide to give them vitamin supplements as the substitution of the lost nutrition.

The Kind of Vitamin Supplements

There are many types of vitamin supplement outside there, ranging from syrup, jelly and tablets with different colors and shapes to attract the children to consume vitamin supplement, but things should be cautioned are the contained vitamin and daily dose. The outside condition as above, the provision of vitamin supplements to children may be ignored because if the children already have a regular diet with a controlled intake of nutrition  should be nutritional adequacy. Children who are agile and healthy do not mean that they don't need additional vitamin because at one time the children may have eating disorder and pain which usually in this period will be difficult for the children in order to eat that require additional vitamin intake. This condition must be treated as soon as possible to reduce the possibility for children to have Binge Eating Disorder. Best vitamin supplement would be better if children meet their nutrition through the daily food they consume such as Vegetables and fruits.

2 comments for "Vitamin Supplements : Good or Bad?"

  1. Mengonsumsi multivitamin tidak boleh sembarangan. Pemilihannya harus sesuai dengan kebutuhan nutrisi tubuh kita, jika tidak dikhawatirkan malah sebaliknya, akan berefek buruk buat kesehatan


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