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Negative Behavior Should Be Cautioned In Adolescence Period

Negative Manners from Teenagers and How to Handle Them

Adolescence period, between 14-18 years from teenagers can be regarded as a vulnerable period, where they begin to exhibit certain behavior, such easy change-minded, unruly and etc. Adolescence is a period in which a teenager is in transition from childhood towards adulthood. Because of the importance of the youth as the next generation of the nation in the future, the all parties are expected to develop and oversee the youth to be involved in negative behavior. This article will review some negative behaviors between that period.

  • Theft

Many reasons are advanced by juvenile perpetrators or theft, because the desire to fullfil their needs, such as life consumerism and so forth.

  • Drug Abuse

The lack of knowledge and lack of supervision from parents of teenagers fall into the causes of the drug abuse.

  • Illegal Street Racing

Provide transport facilities regardless of the appropriateness of the teen driving age children is wrong, because it can increase the number of traffic accidents. In addition, some teenagers always want to look  ahead will utilize transport facilities for the race and it would be very harmful for their life and others.

  • Violence or Student Brawls

Selfishness is so high in an adolescence period. If there are people who look down on them or their friends or group, as the result violence hooliganism and fighting between students is considered by them as the right decision to solve it. 

  • Free Sex

Many factors triggering this phenomenon of sex, for example television programs, easy access to forbidden sites on the internet and their  environment behaviour.

To protect the children from harmful things, parents need providing moral education and good behavior  as social supervision. Opening a trainer for teenagers, extracurricular activites, and counseling from the school and government to reduce the impact of the behavior. We all expect that the next generation must be better from the previous generation.

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