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Diseases Caused by the Lack of Vitamin C
The busyness often makes us tend to lead unhealthy lifestyle every day so that the body does not get balanced nutrition. This situation makes our immune system heavily decreases and susceptible to disease. That will be the worse situation if you live in big city with high pollution and can get depressed. We definitely heard that there is one nutrition that needed by our body. That's right, Vitamin. In this article we focus on one of the variants of Vitamin which claimed as The Queen of all Vitamins, vitamin C. Vitamin C has many benefits for your body. It can help us to defend against free radical which very harmful for human body, strengthen the immune body, absorption of iron, fasten healing wounds, maintain the health of bone and etc.

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It's no hard to find  food which contain vitamin C. It can be easily found in the content of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain very high vitamin C. There are Orange, Cabbage, Broccoli, pineapple and tomato. These fruits and vegetables can meet our daily dose of vitamin C. Here are some impacts because of lack of vitamin C.

  • Dry Skin
  • Anemia
  • Gingivitis
  • Decreasing Immune System
  • Internal Bleeding or Haemorrhage
  • Muscle Pain
  • The Difficulty of Healing Wounds
  • Cataracts
Vitamin C should be consumed in moderation and the ranges between 75-90 mg daily. Consumption of vitamin C with excessive dose could cause the bad effect for body, disruption of nutrition absorption, and can trigger kidney stones.

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